Server Bandwidth
What You Need To Know

data wires
photo credit: adrianblack

Bandwidth, the essential resource of Internet connectivity, is an important consideration to take into account when choosing a hosting company for your website. Simply defined, bandwidth refers to how much data you plan to move into or out of your hosted website over time. If the total data movement capacity of a hosting company can be visualized as a large pipe, your bandwidth needs can be expressed as how much of that pipe will need to be dedicated to supplying your servers.

Because bandwidth is a limited resource that is crucial to Internet communication and commerce, hosting companies typically charge for bandwidth as part of their hosting plans. In order to choose the right plan at the right price, here are a few things you should know about servers, bandwidth, and you:

Having a general idea of your bandwidth needs, and knowing what types of hosting contracts are available, can help you to choose the hosting company that is best suited to the requirements of your business. Many hosting companies make bandwidth usage records and statistics available to their customers, giving you the option of adjusting your contract to accommodate the amount of traffic your website actually receives. By selecting an initial bandwidth plan that gives you a margin of error, and choosing a hosting company that will work with you to adjust your plan over time, you can eventually arrive at a server bandwidth arrangement that will be optimal for your business.

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